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Community Growing and Community Supported Garden

•    Interested in gardening and horticulture? 
•    Want a source of fresh local fruit and vegetables?
•    Want to learn about food growing and new skills?
•    Want an allotment but feel you can’t commit the time to it?
•    Want to make new friends and interested in volunteering?

One possible use of part of the land at Knocknagael, could be a community growing and community supported garden. This is a market and community garden for growing local fruit and vegetables. To provide a source of fresh produce for the local population and around Inverness.


Where people work together to look after a garden, it is a chance to learn skills and receive training in horticulture, to learn how to grow food, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables being available for sale locally.  We can make new friends by volunteering and it's an opportunity for different members of the community to receive work experience and improve their well-being.  Community Growing is both educational and therapeutic.


Our long-term aim is to establish a community cafe to cook and serve the produce from the garden, from “fork to fork”. A chance to reduce food miles, our carbon footprint and at the same improve nutrition and well-being, all this has taken on greater importance since COVID-19.

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