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•    Interested in gardening and want to grow your own food?
•    Want to learn and share gardening skills?
•    A place to improve physical and mental well-being?
•    Make new friends?


Traditional individual allotment are plots to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Plots can vary from a full plot to half or even quarter plot, so you needn’t feel daunted about taking on and maintaining a large plot. Also, it's a chance to attend training events, seed swap, obtain unusual and heritage varieties through events like a Potato Day, use a shared polytunnel for seed germination & propagation, and make use of a tool library.

The benefits of allotments in terms of growing your own food, understanding the value of local food, and improving the physical and mental health of those involved are well-known.

We need to create more sustainable communities with local food grown near to homes.  Allotments also provide an important social focus for community life.

While allotments are very popular in other parts of Scotland, there is a shortage in Inverness.  We need more provision in this part of the city and Knocknagael is ideally placed with a great location, easy accessibility, and productive land. 

(Photos courtesy of Kingussie Allotments - showing what we can also achieve.)

Nairn Allotment 2.jpg
Viewfield 1.jpg
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